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ELCOGAS simulator has been used for training since the middle of 1998, including sessions within the annual training programme for operating staff. The simulator's versatility allows the sessions to be oriented towards a broad range of possibilities. The training contents may work on plant start-up, operator training in different systems as well as analysis and reproduction of different scenarios based on both real process incidents or theoretical cases.

Every year, a large number of operators and leader shifts follow these sessions, according to the programmed annual schedule of strategic training or adapted to specific needs.

ELCOGAS simulator allows different operating scenarios to be set up. Although its use is oriented towards recreation of the IGCC process, it can be also limited to a combined cycle plant. In partnership with TECNATOM, training sessions have been given in many power stations of the main Spanish and international utility companies, including ENDESA, IBERDROLA, UNIÓN FENOSA, EDP and EDF. Altogether, over 100 courses have been carried out using this tool to simulate the combined cycle process, which opens up an important range of possibilities for personnel training in future IGCC power plants.