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The inherent advantages of ELCOGAS IGCC technology include the recovery of main contaminants contained in the fuel used in the process, in the form of by-products with a commercial value.

  • Puertollano coal has approximately 45% by weight of ash cotent and there can be as much as 6% sulphur in pet coke.

This is an important advantage from the environmental and financial points of view, as the contaminants found in these fuels are recovered and marketable.

Ash Most of the ash is turned into a very stable vitreous slag, recovered from the gasification reactor, while the small amount that escapes with the syngas is removed by candle filters upstream the gas turbine and scrubbed with water, making its emissions irrelevant.
Sulphur Sulphur, recovered over 99.9%, is found in the syngas as COS and H2S and transformed into pure, solid sulphur for sale.