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  • Developed according to physical principles of the gasification island, air separation and combined cycle processes simulation.
  • Jointly developed by ELCOGAS, ENEL, Electricité de France and Tecnatom.
  • Physical and functional fidelity to the plant controls and operator interface (MMI).
  • Flexible management of the instructor station capabilities.
  • Strict control of settings.
  • Independently developed and validated.
  • Simulator covering a large part of the IGCC process.
  • Stand-alone simulation software.
  • Real-time simulation running on DIGITAL Alpha series 500/600 workstations.
  • Dynamic simulation based on physical principles.
  • LEGOCAD simulation environment.
  • Operator interface with the same functions as the plant interface.
  • Aimed towards training and operation engineering.
  • Malfunction analysis capability, especially in non-conventional units.
  • 600,000 variables
  • Process modules (tasks): 30
  • Regulation modules (tasks): 28
    (including 300 control loops and 6000 pages of control diagrams)
60 Valves 1200
30 Pipes 800
Turbines - compressors 29 Filters 100
Various 20    
Chemical reactors 10    
Boilers 10    
Columns 6    
  • To allow updating and validation of the simulator over the whole lifecycle of the power station.
  • Relational database with construction data and simulation data.
  • Simulator topology control system.
  • Database allocating operating diagrams and simulator diagrams.
  • Control of modules and validation procedures.
  • Additional instructor station capabilities.
  • Increase operator capabilities and encourage use of the full functionality of the distributed control system (DCS).
  • Great flexibility of operating personnel without affecting production objectives.
  • Improve activation of the plant operating modes by use of real plant conditions in operation of the simulator.
  • Process instruction, design modification and unit resizing tests.