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Aware that business models which work towards a better world have more guarantee of a future, in its annual reports ELCOGAS tries to inform about the efforts it has made towards a sustainable energy model. This model leads to greater energy supply security, greater price stability and reduction in the effects on the environment. For this purpose, ELCOGAS gives a compendium of the main indicators showing the commitment, contribution and actions of the company in favour of sustainable development, complementing its environmental commitment with social and economic aspects.

To prepare its sustainability report, ELCOGAS has a multidisciplinary team consisting of managers of the company's different departments, coordinated by the Training, Sustainability and Internal Communication Department. The editing project is supported by "Fundacion Entorno", a prestigious group leader in sustainability.

When the structure of the contents has been established according to the criteria set out by GRI, data collection, drafting, layout and the certification process begins. To guarantee the truthfulness of the published information, ELCOGAS prefers having the information audited by an external company; when the relevant certificates have been issued, GRI is asked to give the report a final check to ensure the maximum possible level of reliability and transparency. Applying this whole process strictly, all reports since 2006 have been graded A+.

Web Sustainability Report ELCOGAS S.A.
Web Sustainability Report ELCOGAS S.A.
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