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The technological innovation of the Puertollano IGCC power plant is based on the development of cutting age technology and the complexity and high integration of its systems, in order to achieve higher effciency and lower emissions.

Development of cutting-edge technology. Maximum capacity/scale up of key units

  • Gasifier (2,500 tons/day)
  • Air Separation Unit (70,000 Nm3/h)
  • Gas turbine (200 MWe, one of the largest of its kind)

State-of-the-art emission reduction technology

  • Ceramic (candle) filters
  • Recycling compressor for the tail gas

Heat recovery steam generator with three pressure levels

Complexity and integration of installations

  • The air for the air separation unit (ASU) comes from the compressor of the gas turbine
  • The nitrogen for gasification and combined cycle (waste nitrogen)comes from ASU
  • The steam generated in gasification is exported to the Combined Cycle

Distributed control system to control the power plant