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Chaired by the Consellor & General Manager, its essential function is the supervision and control of the Puertollano IGCC Power plant operation, orientating and supporting achievement of operating targets. It reports and makes proposals to the Board of Directors and acts both on its own initiative and at that of the Board. It is specifically charged with the supervision and control of Research, Development and Innovation activities.

Plant Operation Committee Members

ENEL SpA Christian Zulberti
EDP España Rafael Cabañeros Robles
ENDESA Jose María Lobato Morchón
  Salvador Rubio Martínez
IBERDROLA Generación S.A. Andoni Redondo García de Baquedano
EDP Producao Miguel Patena Forte
EDF Francisco Martinez Bautista
ELCOGAS Alfredo García Aránguez
  Máximo de la Hermosa Rodríguez
  Francisco García Peña
  Andrés Fernández Lozano