Castellano (España)English (U.K.)
Position Name Company
Mr. José D. Bogas Galvez ENDESA
1st Vice-chairman Xavier Rouland FENICE IBERICA
2nd Vice-chairman Oscar Fortis Pita IBERDROLA
Councelors Ana Gil Nuño EDF
  Nicolas Mitjavile EDF
  Francisco Martínez Bautista EDF
  Enrique Vicent ENDESA
  Gonzalo Carbó de la Haya ENDESA
  Andrea Valcalda ENEL
  Miguel Mateos Valles HC ENERGIA
  Marcos Antuña Egocheaga HC ENERGIA
  Félix Rojo Sevillano IBERDROLA
Counsellor & General Manager Alfredo García Aránguez ELCOGAS
 Board Secretary Ricardo Pérez Blanco ENDESA

Consisting of a minimum of three members and a maximum of twenty, the board has the following functions, among others:

a) To administer and manage the company, establishing its general strategy and defining management plans and policies.

b) To supervise the performance of senior management in achievement of established goals, requiring explanations for their decisions and assessing their management.

c) Encourage the participation of shareholders at general meetings and maintain a continuous, professional, objective relationship with auditors, respecting their independence.

The articles of association stipulate the existence of one or more managing directors, in practice separating the functions of the CEO and the Chairman of the Board.

As well as the functions assigned by law and the articles of association, the chairman of board has to chair the governing bodies, work towards government of the Company, manage the working of the board and to represent the Company.

The CEO has to oversee management of the Company, in accordance with the decisions made and criteria established by the Board of Directors. He has authority over all the Company's services and leads its senior management.

The Company has two committees:

which channel the participation of shareholders through their representatives on the committees in control and advisory work about all matters over which they have competence which affect the management of the Company.